πŸ’˜XVII | he/they | 20πŸ’˜

hi there! im xvii and @seacoochie on twitter is my NSFW account. i used to be gurtslurps on tumblr! here i mostly retweet art i like and content from indie toy makers and sex workers. sometimes i post my own art and pictures!


here are some things to know about me:

🌹im xvii! you can also call me benny, ben, or bunny if i say its ok

🌹21 years old

🌹genderfluid boy (he/him)

🌹gay transmasc


🌹 single

🌹i post art once in a blue moon

🌹dm me on twitter if youre interested in custom content of me πŸ’•

rules for following me

dont follow me if you are:

🚫 a minor

🚫 a pedophile/map/nomap

🚫 racist/a race fetishist

🚫 an incest fetishist

🚫 a rape fetishist

🚫 an "anti-anti"

🚫 transphobic/nbphobic

🚫 a trans fetishist/chaser

🚫 a terf/truscum/transmed

🚫 a swerf

🚫 homophobic/lesbophobic/biphobic

🚫 a fujoshi/gay fetishist/lesbian fetishist

🚫 a zoophile

🚫 a necrophile

anyone found to be breaking any of these rules will be blocked πŸ’‹

πŸ’Œ if youre dming me, let me know what youre interested in the first message (i.e. content, sharing something you think id like)! please dont just say hi and hope for me to respond

if you ever see me rting or interacting with a gross person, please let me know so i can block them!

content i like

here's a list of some of my kinks/content you'll see me retweeting/posting! dont follow if you dont like/are triggered by any of these:

❀ furry

🧑 dom/sub

πŸ’› roleplay

πŸ’š degradation/humiliation

πŸ’™ teratophilia

πŸ’œ sex toys

πŸ’— knotting

❀ breeding/impregnation/pregnancy

🧑 lactation

πŸ’› cervical penetration/womb fucking

πŸ’š heats/aphrodisiacs

πŸ’™ petplay

πŸ’œ cnc

πŸ’— hypnosis/mind-control/brainwashing/corruption

❀ somnophilia

🧑 watersports

πŸ’› musk/scent kink

πŸ’š public use/exhibitionism

πŸ’™ gangbangs

πŸ’œ trans people enjoying their bodies

πŸ’— supporting sex workers

less often:

❀ chastity

🧑 nulls

πŸ’› sounding

πŸ’š drugs/drunk sex

πŸ’™ vomit

πŸ’œ blood/gore (nothing too heavy)